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Area Lighting

Urban Solar provides reliable solar LED lighting solutions for both area lighting systems and transit bus stops and bus shelters. This can be applied in a variety of ways, allowing for a customized approach to every project. Urban Solar is happy to consult with all of our clients to determine the best product for their specific needs, and the most efficient and effective configuration for each project’s unique context and requirements.


Inset Pathway Maker

Urban Solar’s Inset Pathway Marker (IPM) is the perfect eco-friendly solution for illuminating parks, pathways, trails and more. This fully self-contained pathway marker allows for safe use of pedestrian and multi-use pathways from dusk until dawn. The IPM sits flush with a concrete pathway surface, allowing for trip-free use by pedestrians, skateboards, bicycles, and other pathway users.


Bus Stop Lighting

Urban Solar’s bus stops feature the world’s most powerful and reliable sun-powered transit light, specifically designed to increase visibility and make bus stops safer.

PV-Stop systems easily mount to new or existing bus stop flag poles, with various configurations tailored to meet your agency’s safety, branding, and performance needs.


As Shelter Lighting

The PV-Ad Shelter is the world’s most reliable solar powered LED advertising shelter lighting system for transit shelters. This solar power system can light almost any advertising shelter without the need for costly cabling and civil work.

Solution Highlights

  • Bright white ad box illumination

  • Optional overhead lighting

  • Systems for every ad shelter

  • Sleek, integrated designs